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November 2023

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. You'll find both full restoration kits and Parts-Plus restoration kits for your Fisher Reeceiver here. I have revised the Kits to include Orange Drop cupling capacitors (I am no longer ofeering Sonicap Coupling capacitors, as the benefits no longer outweigh their cost). You can order the kits here or email me and I can invoice you. I am not currently listing these on eBay (user l_metalbone), but may do so again in the future.

Fisher Restoration Kits with Documentation: $85

I am currently offering a restoration kit (with full installation documentation) for Fisher 400 (late and early models), 500-C, 800-B, and 800-C receivers. Each kit includes the following:

1. Bias Power Supply (bridge, electrolytic and film capacitors and resistor)
2. Power/Power Supply (current limiter, film capacitors [can caps not included] and diodes)
3. Amplifier Section (electrolytic and film capacitors and resistors. The full kit includes Orange Drop coupling capacitors)
4. FM Signal Path (electrolytic and film capacitors)
5. Multiplex Section (electrolytic and film capacitors)
6. Heat shrink tubing

In addition, the restoration kits include the following:

7. 1 full copy of the service manual (including schematic)
8. A 14-16-page detailed description (with photos) of how this kit was installed on another Fisher Receiver.
9. A reverse tube layout diagram for easy chassis to schematic reference
10. 1 additional copy of schematic for marking up (multiple pages)

Many Fisher receivers experience declined performance such as hums, low output, scratchy sounds, etc. In addition, the power supply in the old Fishers are notorious for weakening, which can result in the output tubes running hot. This kit provides a basic level of restoration that almost anyone that is mechanically and/or electronically inclined can accomplish. It provides replacement parts for the original selenium rectifier that is almost always weak, as well as replacement for the original the electrolytic and mylar capacitors in the power supply path, the amplifier path, the radio path, and the multiplex subchassis. If your Fisher receiver experiences any of the above symptoms, this kit can correct them. Naturally, not all Fisher problems can be corrected with this kit, but consider this kit the basic starting point in restoring your receiver to its old glory.

If your receiver needs replacement capacitors for the voltage doubler caps in the power supply (after the basic restoration, replacement of these caps usually corrects remaining problems), I have a under the chassis replacements available (these are new electrolytics to be installed beneath the chassis and are not new can capacitors).

The detailed installation documentation includes a list of the tools and other materials that were used for installation, as well as detailed photographs that clearly show what was done. The basic tools needed included a soldering iron, screw driver, movable lamp, wire cutters, long nose pliers, and tweezers. A magnifying glass and multi-meter were very helpful.

The kit includes all name brand parts, including components made by Nichicon (Muse), Black Gate, Vishay (Sprague Atom), Orange Drop, and Xicon.

This kit is not for those who do not know about proper safety procedures when working with electricity. If you are not sure about what you are doing, are not mechanically or electronically inclined, or cannot read and understand a schematic, you should have a professional do the restoration. Also, working on Fisher receivers can be very dangerous, as is working on any electronic gear. If you do not know or understand basic electronic safety, or do not know how to prevent electrical shocks, you should not attempt to perform a restoration. Remember, you are solely responsible for your safety if you chose to restore your Fisher with this kit.

I am selling each kit for $85 plus $11 shipping and handling (U.S. domestic). Please email me for international shipping rates.

Please Note that there are two models of the Fisher 400 receiver, an Early Model with output tubes labeled V13-V16, and a Late Model with output tubes labeled V14-V17. Please check your model before ordering your Model 400 restoration kit.

Full Fisher Restoration Kit

Fisher Parts-Plus Restoration Kits: $70

If you already have a schematic, do not need the installation documentation, or are experienced, I am offering a Parts-Plus kit of the components only (Items 1-6 above) for $70 plus $8 shipping (U.S. domestic).

The Parts-Plus kits are available for the following Fisher receivers: 400 (Early and Late model), 500-C, 800-B, and 800-C.

Parts-Plus Fisher Receiver Restoration Kit

On/Off Switches - Fisher 400, 500, & 800

Unfortunately, I no longer have on/off switches available for Fisher Receivers. If I happen across some more, I'll offer them up again.

If the switch in your unit works, you might want to consider installing an in-rush current limiter to dampen initial power surges when your unit is first turned on to preserve the life of the switch. If you need one, drop me an email (the kits includes this).

Thanks for visiting. I can be contacted at info at metalbone dot net

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