This page is just a little summary of the forge I am using to melt and alloy non ferrous metals. This forge is based on information received by viewing web pages provided by Jim Riser, Rex Price, and Ron Reil. Pictures are provided below. The forge is made of K23 and K26 firebrick that has been mortared into place. A painted angle iron frame holds the furnace on an aluminum base. The chamber measures 4.5 inches wide by 4 inches high (a 1/2 inch kiln shelf serves as the chamber floor). The interior surface is coated with a high temperature refractory.

The burner, provided by Rex Price (, is mounted on an aluminum plate and carries a flame from just over 0 (zero) PSI and up. This burner rocks!

The gas plumbing is 1/4 inch copper tubing with various hardware store fittings, valves, and adapters. The Fisher regulator was obtained from Larry Zoeller. As can be seen, the plumbing is mounted on an aluminum plate bolted to the propane tank. Idle gas flow is set at 1/2 PSI via a needle valve and open throttle is set at 3 PSI. I've operated the burner at 15 PSI, but this is way too much for a simple melting furnace.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the pictures.

The following 2 pictures show the preassembly of the firebrick, aluminum base, and angle iron frame.